Last Album I Bought/Streamed – I am a huge fan of electronic music and you will be able to tell that by just checking my Spotify. The last album I streamed was the new one from Camelphat – Spiritual Milk. It’s a very creative name and DIRTY!
Most Listen To Track – It has to be Swedish House Mafia – Save The World. It’s a track that takes you on a serotonin journey…take a listen to it
Karaoke Choice– I’m dreadful at singing… like bad BUT i would pick The Jam – Going Underground because its shouty. I can hit the notes after a few Peroni’s!
First Album – This is odd for me as i really love dance music, but my first album was R.E.M – Automatic for the People.
Favourite Place – Creamfields Festival in Liverpool or Goodison Park – The Home of The Blues. It’s a difficult choice to pick one
Favourite Place to get away from it – Anywhere on the coast. Fish & Chip with a cold pint!
Best Piece of Advice – Be true to yourself…
How would my best friend describe me – Honest, trustworthy, Geeky
What didn’t you ask me about– Although i work in radio and am a huge geek for it. My undergraduate degree is in Geography… Weird i know!
We’re buying, What will you have – A pint of Peroni and chill coated nuts please.
From my wardrobe you can have – A multi – coloured Lonsdale London T- Shirt that that i have had since i was 10…
If you’re getting a takeaway, what will you have – Absolutely an Indian. I love Madras.
Social Media is @nathanjosephely on Insta…
Favourite Meal of All Time – Has to be a Full English Breakfast. I would have one at any hour.
Best Holiday Destination – It has to be Corfu in Greece. I love it
3 things i can’s live without – My radio, Phone, coffee
Fav TV Show – Easily Friday Night Dinner… especially the character Jim
Dream Dinner Party Guest- Calvin Harris, Scott Mills, Becky Hill, Beyonce and Sean Dyche (Imagine)

3. Zest UK

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